Associate Professor (Library)
In-charge-IQAC, NAAC
Nodal Officer-AISHE

The library of the institution is equipped with almost 9207 books. The collection comprises of text books, reference books, encyclopedias including the Britannica, autobiographies etc. Besides special collection of women studies, Gandhian Studies, competitions, personality development, Education etc have also been developed. A small initiative of developing the Institutional Repository has also been taken. Due to shortage of funds procuring of journals has not been possible. Library remains open during college hours on all working days. Lack of staff does not allow for the provision of open access system for students. But they are duly counseled with the choice of the books available. Open access system is available for teachers who are also requested to make the students aware with the available suitable titles in their classes. Whenever it comes into the jurisdiction of the librarian, the books are purchased on the recommendation of the concerned teachers strictly. But sometimes due to transfer etc, the change at the top end of the hierarchy may change the situations.

The charging system for students is New York while register system is maintained for staff. The students are well informed with the working through the information in prospectus, notice-boards etc. On the part of the library this is ascertained that no user be returned following the principles of library science as propounded by Prof S R Ranganathan – father of library science. Efforts to satiate the needs of every user are made up-to the maximum extent possible. On an average about 70-90 students visit the library daily and each of them is provided with the required book with some rare exceptions. Shelf rectification and weeding out is done to keep the required books in order to save the time of the users. The students supporting the library services are always trained and taught to be well behaving with the users, be it teachers or the students. The teachers are informed and advised about the appropriate disciplinary and inter-disciplinary collections by the librarian herself. The library atmosphere is conducive to one & all.

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